Friday, September 19, 2014

I'm a Network Marketer Because I'm a Socialist

Before you go on with the anti-leftist drool let me first explain. I'm not talking about the deeply in ground false impressions of what we are meant to assume socialism is. I am talking about the selfless (self LESS) acts of true socialism. The system where we all work for the benefit of each other.

I'm not interested in what you do with the money you make, what you buy, what you own, where you live, nor am I interested in your nationality, sexuality, race, religion or anything else that makes you the individual you are. All these things have nothing to do with what I refer to as Socialism.

Lets take a look at a Traditional Capitalist Business Model
Traditional large corporations typically have a pyramid structure. A CEO at the top, Board of Directors under them, Managers who answer to the Directors and so on down to the checkout operator who bags your groceries or the kid who sweeps the floor after school. Only ONE person has the opportunity to take on that top position should the CEO choose to leave, retire or if they die.

You may ask, but what about the opportunity for someone to start their own business and become their own CEO? Sure that is an option. But even if you have the funds to start a company you are still at the mercy of a finite resource. The theory of infinite capital growth from natural resources is a myth.

And now a look at Network Marketing
If you are reading this you either know the benefits of Network Marketing or you are studying the subject before becoming involved in it. Either way the benefits - economically, socially, environmentally & sustainably are the same.

You have the ability to reach the top level in the company as much as anyone else. The more "Representative CEOs" in a Network Marketing Company the better.

You are not competing for top level positions, you are encouraged and supported in the process of reaching those high levels.

The development and expansion from the company level is sustainable from both an environmental & economic perspective.

Assisting people to earn their living through channels that support each other rather than competing is fairer from the point of view of social equality.

If you have been Network Marketing for some time you will by now know that when YOU help others make money you in turn will also make money. Like it or not this is how Socialism works - Working for the benefit of everyone and by doing so for the benefit of yourself.

Those approaching Network Marketing from the perspective of "What's in it for me" are typically the ones who eventually fail. On the other hand those who build their business by focusing on helping others make money are typically the ones who succeed.